St. Elizabeth Physicians Chooses Director of Nursing

October 26, 2010

St. Elizabeth Physicians is proud to announce and welcome David Hagstad, RN as the Director of Nursing. David is a retired Combat Medic and Officer with 22 of years of service with the United States Army and Air Force. Within his 13 years of RN experience, David has taken on many roles including travel nurse and OR circulator, as well as clinical leadership positions such as Clinic Manager and Nurse Educator.

“I returned to the FMOLHS family after many lucrative years in sales,” says David, “While I enjoyed the teaching aspect of being a product representative, it was still a dollar-driven career and not a patient-focused one. The strong Christian focus of the entire STEP team and the ‘patient first’ attitude that is evident in every decision this organization makes made this the right fit for me and I have never looked back.”

The Nursing Director position is responsible for practice-wide, multi-site guidance and education of all clinical personnel activities. The Nursing Director will also ensure that patient conditions and progress are accurately reported, that patient care is administered by all licensed and non-licensed clinical personnel at STEP according to organization and regulatory policies and guidelines.

News Posted February 02, 2011