Three St. Elizabeth Physicians Are Services Moving

 Lillie Murphy, Practice Manager of St. Elizabeth Physicians, announced that three of its services are moving. St. Elizabeth Physicians’ Wellness Services including its A1C Clinic, Diabetes Education & Medical Nutrition Therapy, and Lipidology, all which were located at 1937 South Burnside Avenue in Gonzales, will begin seeing patients at their new locations at 2647 S. St. Elizabeth Boulevard, Gonzales, on Monday, October 2nd. The A1C Clinic will be located in Suite 225. The Diabetes Education & Medical Nutrition Therapy services will be located in Suite 311, and Lipidology services will be located in Suite 312.
“We are moving these services to make access to them more convenient to our patients. The new location for these services is located on St. Elizabeth Hospital’s main campus in Medical Plaza I which provides these patients with closer access to primary care,” said Murphy. The phone number for information and for scheduling these services has not changed. It is 225-647-8511.

News Posted September 28, 2017