Patient Resources

How To Fill a Prescription

If you need a prescription refilled, it is best to contact the pharmacy where you would prefer to have it filled.  The pharmacy will verify the refill and will contact the physician directly and efficiently.  If you aren’t sure about your prescription or your pharmacy, please contact your primary care physician and leave a detailed message including your full name, date of birth, prescription name, dose and quantity, and the pharmacy name and number. The physician will check your chart and follow up with you to make sure you will need to schedule an appointment or have lab blood-work done before contacting the pharmacy for the refill.

Phone Calls

We know that when you call, you need answers.  That’s why we are working on improving our message process.  We want you to know that our physicians are most often with patients and are rarely available for phone calls on the spot.  We have asked our operators to take down pertinent information including your full name, date of birth, last visit and specific questions.  Your chart is pulled for each call so the physician or nurse practitioner researching your question will have all the most recent information to assist you.  We make every effort to answer your message the same day it was received. 

If you have an emergency, please contact 911 rather than calling the physician with a message.