Occupational Medicine

St Elizabeth Occupational Health Clinic was established in 1989, known then as “Health Works” to provide services for the industrial community. Through their experience in working directly with industrial plant sites, the St Elizabeth Occupational Health physicians have developed additional experience and insight from “the inside” which they combine with their clinic practices to increase the efficiency of the physical exam.


Services Include

• Audiograms
• Medical Review Officer (MRO) Services
• Blood-borne Pathogen Exposure Follow-Up Services
• Minor-to-Moderate Urgent Care
• Breath Alcohol Testing
• Pre-placement Physical Exams
• Chemical Surveillance Exams
• Pulmonary Function Testing
• DOT Physical Exams
• Radiologist Services
• Drug Testing
• Radiology (X-Ray) Diagnostics
• Education
• Respirator Clearance Exams
• Flu Vaccines
• Saliva Alcohol Testing
• Hepatitis Vaccines
• Specimen Collection for Non-Local Labs
• Inpatient Care Oversight
• Tetanus Vaccines
• Laboratory Services (Blood & Urine)
• Tuberculosis Screening & Intervention
• Fitness for Duty Exams
• Return to Work Exams

How Hearing Loss Prevention Works for You

Here is the break-down of the risks and costs job related hearing loss to the employer.

• Increased health benefits costs to employer for rehabilitation
     a) Direct costs of treating hearing related disabilities
           Hearing aids ($800-$3000/yr every 3-5 years for life)
           Hearing/Speech/Occupational Therapy
• Lost opportunity costs from reduced functionality
     a) 55% increased risk of safety related incidents
     b) Reduced capacity to perform hearing critical jobs
     c) Increased interpersonal communication barriers /challenges

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Why custom fit earplugs are a better fit for your ear and your wallet.

• Because custom fit earplugs are molded to the ear canal, they much more comfortable than traditional disposable earplugs
     a. Many people have two different sized ear canals, so a custom fit earplugs are a better way to decrease exposure to harmful noise rates
     b. A Full One Year Warranty for custom fitting is offered by most manufacturers to ensure the safest fit possible
     c. Custom fit earplugs can provide a Noise Reduction Rate of up to 33 decibels
• While traditional disposable earplugs seem to be more effective, a custom fit earplug is far less expensive
     a. Traditional, Disposable Earplugs 3-year cost / employee = $105.30
     (260 work days; 1 pair every other day for three years; box of 100 disposable, corded earplugs roughly cost   $27.00/box)
     b. Custom Fit Earplugs 3-year cost / employee = $75.00
     Depending on the size of your organization; the savings of $30.30/employee can add up rapidly (100 employees =   $3,030.00)

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